Meet the experts

Bjørn Pedersen,
Managing Director

Bjørn studied Biochemistry and Cell Biology at the University of Oslo. Since 1974 he Worked in A/S E. Pedersen & Sønn, distributing laboratory supplies. In 1988 he founded Diatec Monoclonals. A/S E. Pedersen & Sønn was sold to Thermo Fisher in 2008 and Bjørn was a part of Fisher Scientific European Management Team until 2012. Bjørn has worked full time in Diatec Monoclonals since 2013.

Marthe Bjune Heldal,
Production Manager

Marthe is a bioengineer and came to Diatec in 2008. She started as a laboratory engineer and is now in charge of both ISO and GMP production at Diatec Monoclonals.

Kari Solhus,
Quality Manager

Kari has a B.Sc in biotechnology and chemistry and came to Diatec in 2011. Kari has previous experience as Quality Manager from Eurofins.

Elisabeth Frydendal Pedersen,
HR & Finance Manager

Elisabeth has a background from laboratory supplies and has experience in accounting, logistics and personnel from  working in A/S E. Pedersen & Sønn and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Since 2012 Elisabeth has worked full time in Diatec Monoclonals with accounting, logistics, HR and administration.

Mira Halvorsen Børstad,
Key Account Manager

Mira has a M.Sc in Molecular Bioscience and Immunology and joined the Diatec team in 2018. Mira has a backround from Basal Medical Research at Oslo Unitversity Hospital and a broad experience in sales and customer service from other industries.

Jan Egil Melvik,
R&D Manager

Jan Egil has a PhD in Biophysics within Cancer Research and Radiology. He joined Diatec in 2015 and has extensive experience as a scientist and project manager. At Diatec, Jan Egil has held several positions within production and business development, before he became responsible for the R&D department.

Kent Ghose,
Quality Manager (temp.)

Kent has a B.Sc degree in chemical engineering. He joined Diatec in 2016 as Senior Advisor QA/QC. Kent has 19 years of experience from various quality functions within the pharmaceutical industry. Starting from 01.10.2018, Kent temporarily fills the position as Quality Manager.

Johanna Lindskog Frydendal,
Logistics Coordinator

Johanna has been with Diatec Monoclonals since 2014. She started as a laboratory assistant and later moved on to our logistics department. Since 2017 she has been our logistics coordinator and is responsible for inventory and suppliers.

Virginie Follin-Arbelet,
R&D Scientist

Virginie has a M Sc. in food industry and nutrition from a French engineering school. After moving to Norway she obtained a PhD in cell biology within cancer research at the University of Oslo. She has been with Diatec Monoclonals since 2014 and worked both in ISO and GMP. Now, Virginie is our R&D Scientist and team leader at the Fornebu Site.

Øyvind Røe,
Laboratory Engineer

Øyvind has a M.Sc in Biochemistry and first came to Diatec in 1997. He has more than 20 years of experience from Biotechnology industry, both in ISO and GMP production. Øyvinds main area of focus is process and protein modification. When it comes to conjugations, Øyvind is our technical expert, but he also does QA/QC work.


Diatec Monoclonals AS will be a leading contract manufactruing organsiation to the industrial market for clinical trial application.

We will achieve this through excellence in service standards, technical support and product quality supported by a competetive pricing policy.

We will build on our GMP capabilities to improve our overall quality standards.

We aim to be FDA approved for commercial production of therapeutic antibodies


In November 2012 we moved into our new facility at Oslo Research Park. The Facility was designed by ourselves in collaboration with technical experts to give us an effective and flexible production unit and analytical laboratory. In January 2019, we will move our ISO production facility to Catapult Life Science at Fornebu. At the same time we will upgrade the GMP production unit in our current facilities at Oslo Science Park. This will increase our capacity at both production sites.



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